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Tony D. McKinnon Sr. on worker safety in postal facilities

“The APWU leadership refuses to staff the Safety Dept with an Industrial Hygienist since 2013 election. As such safety has become a catch phrase and not a priority. The APWU Workers For Change commit to making SAFETY for our MEMBERS a PRIORITY! Vote for action not PROPAGANDA!” Tony D. McKinnon Sr. former APWU National Director of Industrial Relations and candidate for APWU National President

Tony D. McKinnon, Sr. announces his candidacy for APWU National President

BREAKING NEWS: The movement has begun! APWU workers for change, these words are not a slogan nor are they a team but a movement for workers in the plants, stations, MVS, Maintenance, Support Services and small offices. APWU workers for change stands for the most important part of the union YOU THE MEMBER. Tony D. …

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