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McKinnon/Benson born fighters for Veterans rights

There is no secret the leadership of the APWU Workers For Change are fighters.  However, there is a kindred interest in protecting Veteran’s hiring preference and moving to an all career workforce. 

Thomas Benson speaks on proposed postal legislation

The USPS may finally get the much-needed help it’s been seeking. With HR 2382 now having a majority of support in Congress, Congress has the chance to fix the harm they have created. Although HR 2382 is very vague its description, it will eliminate the pre-funding that has crippled the USP

Thomas Benson’s personal “thank you” from his campaign travels

This year’s APWU campaign season has been a very exciting time for me. After this past weekend I put a total of 6000 miles on my vehicle, slept in a many of campgrounds and met so many amazing unionists along the way.

Thomas Benson for Legislative/Political Director

Hello, my name is Thomas Benson and I am running for the office of APWU Legislative/Political Director during this year’s APWU National election. As you are aware, these are trying times for all the Postal Unions and the members

Rebranding: A real threat to the USPS employee

The United States Postal Service first began moving the mail on July 26, 1775. The Service was created a year before the Thirteen Colonies proclaimed their independence in 1776 as the United States of America.

Robert Furbush and Tom Benson discuss legislation and healthcare

Legislation and its impact on postal workers health insurance are of great importance to both active workers and retirees.  One of the most controversial issues is mandatory Medicare integration.  All four labor unions and the post office support mandatory Medicare integration for different reasons. We had the opportunity to witness this conversation between Robert Furbush …

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