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Thomas Benson speaks on proposed postal legislation

The USPS may finally get the much-needed help it’s been seeking. With HR 2382 now having a majority of support in Congress, Congress has the chance to fix the harm they have created. Although HR 2382 is very vague its description, it will eliminate the pre-funding that has crippled the USP

APWU Workers For Change Sunday teleconference call

Every Sunday at 2:00 p.m. (EST) the APWU Workers For Change host a teleconference call.  All APWU members are welcome to dial in.  You may listen to the dialog or you may be an active participant. 

Samuel “Sam” Wood extends positive message of unity

I believe that this election is divisive and divided. It is my hope that we can all come to the agreement that every candidate running for office is trying to do their very best for the APWU membership.

Samuel “Sam” Wood for APWU Executive Vice President

My name is Sam Wood, President of the Southwest Florida Area Local. I am running for the position of APWU Executive Vice President. I have been local President for over 19 years. Over the years, I have witnessed a decline in wages and benefits, working conditions, and poor treatment of APWU represented employees. I feel it is time that I step up and try to make a difference.

2019 APWU NPC President and Vice President Debate (videos)

The debate forum videos for candidates in the offices of APWU National President and Executive Vice President.

APWU represented employees lose major financial ground under Dimondstein

“I believe it to be fair and positive for the members” APWU National President, Mark Dimondstein writing about the contract voted down by the union’s Rank & File Committee 9 to 4. This contract had “one pay raise over two years” and conceded APWU represented work in the Maintenance Craft. It also conceded work performed …

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Postal workers alliance proud to welcome Samuel Wood

The APWU Workers For Change movement a grassroots coalition to establish better hours, wages, working conditions, and benefits for APWU members is proud to welcome Samuel Wood (President, SW Florida Area, APWU) to their ranks.