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Sisters and Brothers,

We are the “APWU Workers for Change Coalition.” We have decided that for this to be a true movement, YOU, the MEMBER, must be involved, engaged, and committed to changing the status quo. The status quo is simply allowing teams or individuals to buy union offices, and then once purchased, do the same thing our Senate/House Legislatives do. Which is, they do just enough to get by. Therefore, the APWU Workers for Change has created a Go-Fund me page. This Go-Fund me page is being created for the reasons discussed below.

The average worker, like you and the APWU Workers for Change Coalition, must compete with the long-term union officer’s wealth gained from working men and women. This movement is about the members in the Plants, Stations, Branches, Maintenance, MVS, VMF, Support Services, Small Offices, Career, PTFs, PSEs and the foundation of this great union Retirees. This movement is to fight for our rights on the workroom floor and in the Senate and House of Representatives. The APWU Workers for Change Coalition (Movement) is about the most important product the USPS has, which is “YOU,” the postal workers and your family.

The APWU Workers for Change was formed as a coalition of individuals who realized our goals as outlined above are the same. Unlike a team that is primarily formed for the team’s benefit, the coalition came together as one for the member’s benefit. Each member of the coalition had made a decision to run independently, based on each person’s belief that the membership deserves better representation, better transparency, better leadership training, better union education, and a return to the union’s core value of “Hours, wages, and working conditions.”

Our members are working long hours of 12 a day, and seven days a week in many areas of the country, because of short staff and the Postal Service’s refusal to convert PTF’s and PSEs. Many PSEs are working over 2,080 hours a year, which equals a full-time employee. Our members wages have not kept up with inflation. APWU members are now largely behind the Letter Carriers (NALC), Mail Handlers (NPMHU), and even Rural Carriers (RCA).

To add insult to injury, our wages and benefits protection, and the working conditions on the workroom floor, plants, stations, etc. is horrendous. Members are working in hostile working environments. Safety concerning to working alone on the DBCS without a partner is in contradiction of the DBCS Step 4 sign off agreed to in August 2016. The veteran’s preference laws are being violated with no fight from our current National President and Industrial Relations Director. Legislative matters are not properly addressed, because the Legislative Department is not properly staffed. With all of the above issues and more that needs to be done, the APWU Workers for Change Coalition commit to bringing our union back from the disastrous state of division, lack of transparency, disrespect, and lack of support for Local and State Leaders.

We believe in the union motto of “An injury to one is an injury to all.” We believe that all officers are elected leaders that are to be respected. We believe that all members of this great union are the most important asset. Deep pockets can buy an election, or should we say buy democracy.

In our union, the most qualified people may not be elected. In turn, it makes our union suffer. We, the “APWU Workers for Change Coalition” believe we are a dynamic alliance of leaders to the status quo. Both teams are full of the status quo, and only pitted against one or the other to continue it.

We, the “APWU Workers for Change Coalition” are a breath of fresh air with no ties to the norm. We are FIGHTERS, THINKERS, INDIVIDUALS, for one purpose and cause, which is to better the lives of the past and present MEMBERS well into the future.

Your donations to our Go-Fund Me Account will be used to put the fight back into the union. We will be an aggressive administration, and not a passive one like we have now. We kindly ask you to donate to our future and this movement.

“APWU Workers for Change Coalition”