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Doris Simmons for APWU National Organization Director

I am committed to “working for our Members:.”   I believe that without a strong membership there would not be a strong Union.  Communication with our members is vital to the well being of a healthy and whole alliance.  I have 36 years Postal Service work throughout both post offices and mail processing plants. 

Leslie M. Taylor for APWU National Research & Education Director

Good Day to All APWU Members. My name is Leslie M. Taylor; I’m a member of the “APWU Workers for Change” Coalition and am seeking your support to be the next Research & Education Director.

Thomas Benson for Legislative/Political Director

Hello, my name is Thomas Benson and I am running for the office of APWU Legislative/Political Director during this year’s APWU National election. As you are aware, these are trying times for all the Postal Unions and the members

Jeane Gardiner for APWU National Secretary Treasurer

A vote for Jeane Gardiner is a vote for dedication, experience, knowledge, wisdom, and a willingness to work will all locals:  Large or small, work within the guidelines of the APWU National Constitution and the LMDRA of 1959 as amended.

Samuel “Sam” Wood for APWU Executive Vice President

My name is Sam Wood, President of the Southwest Florida Area Local. I am running for the position of APWU Executive Vice President. I have been local President for over 19 years. Over the years, I have witnessed a decline in wages and benefits, working conditions, and poor treatment of APWU represented employees. I feel it is time that I step up and try to make a difference.

2019 APWU NPC President and Vice President Debate (videos)

The debate forum videos for candidates in the offices of APWU National President and Executive Vice President.

Tony D. McKinnon Sr. for APWU National President

I have decided to seek the position of President of the American Postal Workers Union AFL-CIO in this year’s election. I ask your support in rebuilding our union to continue to protect the interests of its hardworking members and their families.

Tony D. McKinnon Sr. Biography and Credentials

A short list of my past of who I am and what I have achieved on behalf of the APWU.

Tony D. McKinnon Sr. on worker safety in postal facilities

“The APWU leadership refuses to staff the Safety Dept with an Industrial Hygienist since 2013 election. As such safety has become a catch phrase and not a priority. The APWU Workers For Change commit to making SAFETY for our MEMBERS a PRIORITY! Vote for action not PROPAGANDA!” Tony D. McKinnon Sr. former APWU National Director of Industrial Relations and candidate for APWU National President

APWU represented employees lose major financial ground under Dimondstein

“I believe it to be fair and positive for the members” APWU National President, Mark Dimondstein writing about the contract voted down by the union’s Rank & File Committee 9 to 4. This contract had “one pay raise over two years” and conceded APWU represented work in the Maintenance Craft. It also conceded work performed …

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