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APWU Workers For Change Flyers

Below are coalition and individual candidate flyers for the APWU Workers For Change.  Pictured are the images of the flyers as well as links to downloadable PDF files which may printed out.  You may also contact us directly and we will mail you the requested flyers.

Sign up! Join us to improve your work life

You can learn more about how we plan on helping you the APWU member! We can make changes in the hostile work environment that prevails in most post offices. Together we can make positive change in hours, wages and working conditions. Together we can protect our benefits like our health insurance and the right to …

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Thomas Benson’s personal “thank you” from his campaign travels

This year’s APWU campaign season has been a very exciting time for me. After this past weekend I put a total of 6000 miles on my vehicle, slept in a many of campgrounds and met so many amazing unionists along the way.

APWU Workers For Change Sunday teleconference call

Every Sunday at 2:00 p.m. (EST) the APWU Workers For Change host a teleconference call.  All APWU members are welcome to dial in.  You may listen to the dialog or you may be an active participant. 

Tony D. McKinnon Sr. announces election platform

My platform and commitment are to make you, the members, a priority. Some of the goals for the office of the President and the APWU Workers For Change Coalition are as follows:

Samuel “Sam” Wood extends positive message of unity

I believe that this election is divisive and divided. It is my hope that we can all come to the agreement that every candidate running for office is trying to do their very best for the APWU membership.

Gwendolyn Lane Candidate for APWU Eastern Region Coordinator

The status quo is no longer acceptable. We need leadership that will bring change immediately. We need leaders that will hold the Postal Service accountable for their actions. Brothers and Sisters, my name is Gwen Lane. I am the Delaware State President. I am running for the position of Eastern Region Coordinator.

Nannette J. Corley Candidate for APWU Human Relations Director

I am Nannette J. Corley, a candidate for the APWU Human Relations Director position. I’m married to a retired Navy veteran who is also a union member. I have three adult daughters and six grandchildren. I’ve been a dues paying member of the APWU since the start of my career in 1994 as a CFS clerk.

Doris Simmons for APWU National Organization Director

I am committed to “working for our Members:.”   I believe that without a strong membership there would not be a strong Union.  Communication with our members is vital to the well being of a healthy and whole alliance.  I have 36 years Postal Service work throughout both post offices and mail processing plants. 

Leslie M. Taylor for APWU National Research & Education Director

Good Day to All APWU Members. My name is Leslie M. Taylor; I’m a member of the “APWU Workers for Change” Coalition and am seeking your support to be the next Research & Education Director.