McKinnon/Benson born fighters for Veterans rights

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There is no secret the leadership of the APWU Workers For Change are fighters.  However, there is a kindred interest in protecting Veteran’s hiring preference and moving to an all career workforce.  Under the current multi-tier hiring system our nations Veterans are less likely to apply for employment in the US Postal System.  After our nation’s young people serve an enlistment or two, they are no longer looking for jobs that are stop gap employment.  They need careers.  The APWU Workers For Change will fight to end the multi-tier hiring process the postal service has used since the concessionary 2010 APWU National Contract.  The post office has long been the largest employer to hire the most Veterans in our economy, but the numbers are declining.  We must do better.

Tony D. McKinnon Sr. leader of the APWU Workers For Change and candidate for APWU National President is a disabled US Army Veteran who served in the 82nd Airborne Division.  He also calls Fayetteville, NC home.  It is also the home of the 82nd Airborne Division and Fort Bragg.  Tony is proud of his service to our nation’s Armed Forces and will fight hard to protect the rights our Veteran’s to improve hiring practices to include more Veterans in the future.

Tony D. McKinnon Sr. candidate for APWU National President & US Army Veteran

The APWU Workers For Change candidate for APWU National Legislative/Political Director Thomas Benson is also a Veteran.  It will not only take pressure on the post office in labor negotiations to gain support for an all career workforce and Veteran’s preference hiring it will also take our work with Congress. Thomas has developed key relationships in both the Republican and Democrat parties to make much needed postal legislation in the realm of possibility.  No other current candidate running for APWU National Legislative/Political Director can make that claim. Thomas Benson served with 1st Cavalry Division of the US Army. 

Thomas Benson pictured with Senator Sherod Brown (D-OH).

The larger the number of Veterans employed by the US Postal Service the more secure the jobs of all APWU members.  There are other Veterans on the APWU Workers For Change coalition.  We took this opportunity to show with Tony and Tom how supporting Veterans benefits all APWU members.  We encourage everyone to vote for all members of the APWU Workers For Change because we support Veterans and many of us are Veterans.

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