Tony D. McKinnon Sr. announces election platform

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Tony D. McKinnon Sr.


My platform and commitment are to make you, the members, a priority. Some of the goals for the office of the President and the APWU Workers For Change Coalition are as follows:

1. Enforce the DBCS agreement for two operators on the machine.
2. Enforce grievance settlements by assigning someone to be the grievance compliance officer within the Union.
3. Aggressively enforce contract language as agreed upon. Use the power of the office to address USPS reneging on agreed upon language.
4. We will aggressively challenge abusive management styles and the hostile working environment created by such managers. We believe no one should be subjected to working under the conditions that exist on the work room floor now.
5. We will commit to negotiate with the US Postal Service to develop childcare programs for APWU members.
6. Enhance and grow the APWU Auxiliary to bring family values back to the Union movement.
7. Re-establish elected positions for the Legislative Department and Clerk Craft. Review other departments to better represent the membership.
8. Work with the Legislative Department to secure progressive legislation for our members.
9. Reduce the number of Special Assistance Personnel not elected by the members.
10. Develop and update our antiquated training process (i.e. leadership training, officer training, steward’s training, and membership education} (APWU Academy)
11. Develop a respectful, and professional environment at 1300 L Street.
12. Fight to Lower Health Plan Cost. Increase benefits and grow our APWU Consumer and High Option Plans.
13. Fight to bring APWU members wages in line with the other Unions and with the cost of living.
14. Fight to convert PTF’s to full time and PSE’s to career employees.
15. Fight to increase office hours for PTF employees, while reducing Postmaster’s working in small offices, so that our members can make a living.
16. Fight to give PTFs in small offices the same benefits provided to PSEs (by the present administration) i.e. guaranteed four hours, holiday pay, leave in lieu of holiday pay, etc.
17. Fight to protect our jobs and work by any means necessary.
18. Fight to RESTORE Veterans Preference rights in USPS hiring.
19. Establish a National Veterans Committee to address US Postal Service Veterans’ issues.
20. Fight to eliminate Windfall Elimination Provision and Government Pension Offset for retirees.
21. The APWU Workers For Change will be a TRANSPARENT administration.
22. We support full membership for retirees at $30 a month until age 80. Lifetime membership afterwards.
23. Return the APWU to its rightful place as power broker and leader in innovative ideas. We will fight to the death for our members, our Union, and our rights.

We have much more we can and will do together to make The APWU a great Union.
In seeking election know that my goals and passion has and will never change- “Members First”.

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