Samuel “Sam” Wood extends positive message of unity

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Samuel “Sam” Wood

I believe that this election is divisive and divided. It is my hope that we can all come to the agreement that every candidate running for office is trying to do their very best for the APWU membership. It is the candidate’s record and policies that we should be debating; not their character. At the end of the election process, we must be united. Successful candidates must be willing to work together for one goal, “Our Membership”.

I have nothing negative to say about my Executive Vice President opponents as they are both great individuals and Unionists that I admire and respect. I entered this race simply because we need someone directly from the workroom floor that is willing to fight for the issues APWU members face on a day to day basis. The status quo has to go!

Too many times candidates for APWU National Office are asked what we will do for our members once elected, but they fail to listen to what our members actually want from the candidate. So, I am asking; what can I do to help you?

Please send me a Facebook message explaining your concerns or how I can be of assistance to you.

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