Nannette J. Corley Candidate for APWU Human Relations Director

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Nannette Corley

Greetings, Sisters and Brothers of American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO:

I am Nannette J. Corley, a candidate for the APWU Human Relations Director position. I’m married to a retired Navy veteran who is also a union member. I have three adult daughters and six grandchildren. I’ve been a dues paying member of the APWU since the start of my career in 1994 as a CFS clerk. I currently work at the Suburban MD P&DC facility in Gaithersburg, MD as a Contract Technician. Since 2005 I have served as the president of the Montgomery County Area Local, #3630 (MCAL) in Gaithersburg, MD.

I’ve held numerous positions in my local beginning in 1994 as a steward, a Tour 2 chief steward for four years, three years as Clerk Craft Director, I was the first female Sergeant-At-Arms in my local, and I was the Industrial Relations Director prior to holding the position of Secretary for seven years. While serving as the president of MCAL we pay off the loan that held our mortgage. Our local is mortgage free. I have served as the Human Relations Director for five and a half years while serving as local president. I’ve also held the position as Legislative Director, Research and Education Director and Washington Regional Council for the Maryland State/District of Columbia Office.

I am a member of NAACP, CLUW, APWU Auxiliary and a strong supporter of POWER (Post Office Women for Equal Rights) and a proud APWU Health Plan recipient. I was one of ten and the only female who participated in June 25th-28th, 2012 Hunger Strike to Save the Postal Service in Washington, DC with the Communities and Postal Workers United.

While serving in several positions in the union and my affiliation with other social unjust movements I’ve been able to accumulate a vast knowledge of the labor movement, postal handbooks and manuals and have amassed a circle of confident knowledgeable associates. My commitment is to postal employees not only as stated in our CBA but their rights to work in a safe workforce and their rights as human beings to be treated fairly with dignity and respect. I have dedicate my time, energy and strengths, serving all postal employees with no hidden agenda. I believe in speaking truths to every employee no matter the outcome.

Throughout my twenty-five (25) years as an active APWU member and advocating for postal workers I work tirelessly for the cause and I’ve become proficient and perceptive in skillfully negotiating with management. I have a 98% success rate in grievance wins favoring the union. My local is 80% organized and I’m devoted to the “cause” so much so that I work tirelessly on cases off the clock. I am not retired, I can be seen daily on the workroom floor from 12-17 hours after completing my eight hour bid job. I am just like you faced with management daily disgraceful foolishness, my job being abolished, I witness the excessing, the daily management poorly filing employees on the job injury paperwork, management ignorance administer on the job injury documents causing great lost and failure to the employees. I’ve also attended numerous conventions, trainings and conferences spending my own money.

One may ask; so why do you want to run as APWU Human Relations Director? Good question. It appears that APWU Human Relations has lost it way over the years disbanding from other labor organizations. We’ve separated from trade unions, CBTU, SEIU, NAACP, and other civic, community service organizations except for the VA (Veteran Administration). I highly respect our brothers and sisters who wear the cloth of this nation, who pledge their lives to support and defend our Constitution. It is because of these patriots that we are a strong and resilient Nation, and I am forever grateful to those who have served or are currently serving in uniform. I am a product of a military family, my stepfather retired from the Air Force, my cousin a Marine, my brother the Army and as I stated above, my husband, retired Navy. APWU was well known at the table and highly respected by organizations that fight for unjust, racial inequalities and brutal inhumane treatment of people everywhere.

My vision is to walk in the door of opportunity for APWU and gain the relationships with others allies who are in the same fight and educate our members to be a voice for those who are afraid. We cannot continue to do the same thing and expect different results. APWU Human Relations department has been silent and unavailable for several years. It is a new day and we need a change. I want to bring new ideas, open up innovation and creativity, getting our membership involve with other related programs, have debates and dialogues about our issues, ways to improve. How as an organization can we remain vibrant? How can we involve our members young and seasoned at whatever status FTR, PTR PTF and PSE’s? It should not matter the size of a local large or small; where the pain or the violation is what should matter.

Let’s open up conversations as to the many violations that we are faced with on the workroom floor; with management mishandling OWCP and the daily discrimination against our members (EEO) cases. It is different to witness the daily discomfort than to hear about it on the phone. It’s time for a change and we are the people who can do it. Are you satisfied with the direction of the APWU Human Relations Director Department?

I want to serve you from 1300 L Street, Northwest, Washington, DC, 20005. I will work tirelessly for you and be available.

I need your vote in order to do so. Don’t be misled or influenced by pleasing words in your ear. Peace be with you and be safe. Solidarity Forever!

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