Tony D. McKinnon Sr. Biography and Credentials

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• President of Fayetteville Areal Local #984 APWU (30yrs)
• Former President of Central Labor Council AFL-CIO (I4yrs)
• Former Vice-President of NC Council (13 years)
• Vice-President of North Carolina AFL-ClO (16 years)
• Former Vice-President of Central Labor Council AFL-CIO (5years)
• Former President of NC Council APWU (6 years)
• Former President of Local Chapter A. Phillip Randolph APR. (7years)
• Former Chairman of National President’s Conference (5years)
• Former Co-Chair of National President’s Conference (4 years)
• Former Chairman of the 2008/2012 National Labor/Management Committee
• Member of New Alliance Committee for NC State AFL-CIO
• National Arbitration Advocate (30 years)
• Won first major Hearing-Impaired case against USPS.
• Negotiated first LMOU in the country for small offices; this model was adopted by National
• Congressional District Coordinator for AFL-CIO/ APR!
• National Remote Encoding Site Committee Member
• Certified Mediation Council for the NC Superior Court System
• Negotiated first major medical T.E. Health Plan in the APWU with New York Life Insurance
• Negotiated first Due Process language for TE language in the USPS that was incorporated into the national agreement.
• Merit System Protection Board representative (30 years)
• Equal Employment Opportunity Representative (25 years)
• OWCP Representative, North Carolina (25 years)
• Guardian ad Litem for Children, Cumberland County (8 years)

Tenure Highlights Industrial Relations Director -2013 2016

• Exceeded the normal amount of national cases ever arbitrated or pre­ arbitrated at Headquarters, resulting in more than $75 million in payments to our members
• Worked with other national officers in the conversion of over 40,000 plus PSEs to career status
• Developed National Discipline task force to reduce the number of cases in the field
• Reduced Regional Arbitrations cases by 26%
• Developed (A.U.G.E.R.) APWU-USPS Grievance Enhancement and Reduction Procedure to improve the Grievance resolution process for members at the lowest level
• Enhanced Electronic Grievance System (EGS) to assist Locals in managing members Grievances
• Developed and implemented Nationwide Bid Tracking System (BTS) for all crafts
• Implemented a Comprehensive Safety Program as A Priority
• Created an APWU National Non-Compliance Process which has provided members with settlements worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments
• Chair and Lead spokesperson for our APWU 2015-2016 Contract Negotiations Team
• Implemented the National Teleconference called Zoom at HQ to better reach our members
• Worked on requiring the USPS to adhere to the principle of Article 15 when cases are appealed to arbitration and should be heard in 120 days, ensuring that our members would not suffer from being out for years before their cases are heard
• Established a meeting with USPS/APWU for the first National Labor Management meeting since 1995.
• County Democratic Party Co-Chair (4 years)
• Negotiated and signed step 4 agreement for two persons on the DBCS at all times. (NOTE: The present administration refused to enforce or acknowledge it in the 2018 JCIM)

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