Postal workers alliance proud to welcome Samuel Wood

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The APWU Workers For Change movement a grassroots coalition to establish better hours, wages, working conditions, and benefits for APWU members is proud to welcome Samuel Wood (President, SW Florida Area, APWU) to their ranks. Samuel Wood recently announced his intentions to run for APWU National Executive Vice President and to align with the APWU Workers For Change movement.

Founding alliance member and APWU National Presidential candidate Tony D. McKinnon Sr. has stated on numerous occasions the need to have a strong APWU National Executive Vice President. Samuel Wood will fill the void for this need. He is a fighter who possesses unique and extraordinary skills.

Mr. Wood is an expert at analyzing data and preparing comparison spreadsheets on health benefits available to APWU members. You can feel very comfortable knowing Samuel will be granted full authority to work with Robert Furbush to ensure our membership has the best health plan possible. Speaking of Mr. Furbush, Robert’s wife, Janice  is an adjunct professor at Prairie View A&M University, College of Nursing.   She is also a retired Nurse Manager at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Houston, TX.  Healthcare is something both men are highly passionate about. Mr. Wood and Mr. Furbush both have a very high level of knowledge and skill about our health plan and the healthcare industry in general. The APWU Health Plan is overseen by an executive board which includes the APWU National Vice President.

Unlike the current administration Tony D. McKinnon Sr. wants his Executive Vice President to play an active role in representing the membership. Mr. McKinnon wants a fighter with a successful track record on a host of issues to be your APWU Executive Vice President. Samuel Wood fits the bill. Sam is a pit bull who will be very successful in this administration. We can expect the McKinnon/Wood administration to mirror previously successful APWU administration’s like the Biller/Burrus administration.

You can read Samuel Wood’s APWU Executive Vice President’s candidate announcement on the Save The APWU website.

Below we have included biographical information on the APWU Workers For Change movement’s preferred APWU Executive Vice Presidential candidate Samuel Wood.

• Postal Employee and APWU Member (28 years)
• Southwest Florida Area Local Editor (1993-1994)
• APWU National Convention Delegate (1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018)
• Southwest Florida Area Local Vice President from (1997-1998)
• Southwest Florida Area Local President from (2001 to Present)
• APWU of Florida – Clerk Craft Director (2004-2006)
• National Clerk Craft Committee Member (2008)

• Chairman of the Minnesota Twins Golf Tournament as SWFAL-APWU President (2004-2010)
• Helped Lee Cancer Care raise $5 million for SW Florida local cancer center as Local President
• Middle and High School Coach – Variety of Sports (26+ years)

• Fought against the “Lights Out Facility” (Fort Myers P&DC) and won (1996-2001)
• Researched and created the SWFAL-APWU local’s website (2009) with over 14 million hits
• Brought media attention to abusive managers disrespectful actions towards employees.
• Fought the closure and consolidation of the Fort Myers P&DC and won (2012)
• Was the last local to win backpay for employees in Level 4 Level 5 upgrades for Mail Processing Clerks
• Won one of the first settlements on progressive discipline for Postal Support Employees (PSE’s)
• Won major payouts (Including a $1.6 million settlement) locally for Casuals in Lieu of Career Employees
• Won the first case on Holiday Annuitant Supervisors (Christmas) which granted backpay for employees
• Only local to win 2 vs 1 against management and another Union in arbitration (RI-399 Flats Prep Case)
• Hired our own Law Firm to represent the Southwest Florida Area Local when National wouldn’t or couldn’t
• Took the USPS to Federal Court multiple times (and won) forcing the USPS to negotiate with local Union
• Negotiated a $5.2 million settlement in a RI-399 case for the Southwest Florida Area Local employees
• In 2017, paid out settlement to everyone that worked from 2000-2006 (Retirees, Transfers & Deceased)

• Yearly created Health Plan Comparison Sheets (2008-2019)
• Distributed detailed notes for National Conventions, President’s conferences and other important events
• Wrote articles on members being sold out due to poorly negotiated settlements (Contracts, RI-399, etc..)

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